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On Wednesday 3 May, two other Wynyard High students and I made the journey down to Hobart to do some work experience at MONA. We left Wynyard at 3pm and arrived in Hobart about 8pm, with a few stops on the way. I was lucky enough to work in one of the main kitchens. All the chefs working there were very welcoming and taught me lots of helpful skills. We stayed at Winston House in West Hobart and drove to MONA every morning. We had to be at work by 10am both mornings that we worked (4th & 5th). I worked five hours on the 4th and eight hours on the 5th but it wasn’t all work and no play; we got free time to go shopping and just to chill. We made the journey home on Saturday. I don’t really remember it because I was asleep but it was fun. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again.




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