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Project O drives change in rural, regional and isolated communities affected by family violence

Project O is a primary prevention project. Through Project O, young women gain new skills and resilience, equipping them to drive attitudinal change in their community, challenge entrenched gender inequality and help prevent the normalisation of family violence.

Project O:

Through innovative mentoring workshops, Project O supports a generation of young women to be leaders – capable of driving change. Project O champions the individual aspirations of participants and fosters the personal agency required to achieve them.

Project O takes an asset-based, non-welfare approach, building on the strengths of communities, and backing the potential of the young women who live there.

Proven Track Record:

Trialed, tested and evaluated in a family violence hotspot on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Project O has proven its national scalability, rolling out in three additional sites (Roebourne WA, Cooma NSW, Canberra ACT) – creating a national movement of young women driving change around the entrenched issue of family violence.

“I had the pleasure of seeing the work of the remarkable young women from Big hART’s Project O, who are taking positive action in rural communities affected by family violence. I am thrilled to see that this primary prevention project is now going national and promoting generational change.”

Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the Year, Domestic Violence Campaigner.

Project O Presents:

Colourathon is a fun and vibrant art-marathon raising funds to assist young children experiencing violence.

This flagship event is organised by the young women of Project O, and brings artists, musicians, families, communities and leaders together to raise awareness and funds for family violence prevention.

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