The Colourathon a 24 hour, high profile media friendly endurance event staged in the centre of town. Project O’s flagship event – the Colourathon raises awareness about family violence, and funds specialist trauma therapy for young children in women’s shelters.

Harnessing the global colouring-in movement, members of the community sponsor each picture completed in the 24hr period.

Young women organise the event – engaging peers, community, policy makers, celebrities, opinion-formers, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and partners. The project seeks to unite the community regarding this issue through a live art event that is vibrant, open and friendly.

Recognised illustrators and artists create the colouring templates and complete large scale, outdoor, live drawings at the event, making it highly visible and media friendly.

Song-writers and animators use the resulting drawings to create music and video, which is then used alongside a crowd-funding campaign, to help prevent family violence and fund high-quality play equipment and play therapy for children in local women’s shelters.

Play therapy is a recognised and effective method for working with children who have experienced trauma. In play therapy, children can play out their inner and real life experiences in a way that builds insight and capacity, and reduces anxiety.

Big hART is proud to partner with the Australian Childhood Foundation to deliver this play therapy program.

About the artists:

George Rose

George Rose is a visual artist with a flair for not taking life too seriously. She spends most of her time up ladders painting murals and sometimes makes it into her studio. She feels most at home with a paintbrush in her hand but also likes the feel of a pen, spray can, drill or Wacom tablet.

Nadia Hernandez

Nadia Hernandez is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Sydney.

Her practice focuses on branding and art direction within the creative sector as well as creating her own personal work and exhibiting across Australia.


About the participants

The core colouring team for the 24 hours is comprised of young women from Project O. During the 24 hours, community members and organisations will take turns joining the young women onsite, to colour in and contribute to change in their community.

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The first ever 24 Hour Colourathon took place at the Coastal Pods, at The Waterfront Wynyard, on Friday May 20, 2016.

As a result of the funds raised, the local women’s shelter on Tasmania’s North West coast can implement intensive training in specialist play therapy techniques, as well as one on one sessions for children experiencing trauma.

This therapy will be carried out in partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation.


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