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Colourathon was a world first art-marathon raising awareness and funds for family violence prevention.



Colourathon is an initiative developed by Project O that has been delivered in Wynyard TAS (2016) and Canberra ACT (2017).

Harnessing the global colouring-in mindfulness movement, Colourathon brings together community to colour for change.

Young women from Project O delivered and hosted the event – engaging peers, community, policy makers, celebrities, opinion-formers, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and partners. The project seeks to unite the community regarding this issue through a live arts endurance event that is vibrant, open and friendly.

Recognised illustrators and artists created the colouring templates alongside the participants. The day is accompanied by live music, weaving, mural-making and more, making it highly visible and media friendly.

Colourathon is accompanied by a national crowd-funding campaign, to raise awareness of family violence prevention and fund specialist childhood trauma training for frontline family violence services in Project O communities.

Big hART is proud to partner with the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) to deliver this training program, which provides practical, evidence based approaches for practitioners to better help children experiencing violence. Through the fundraising efforts of the young women in 2016 and 2017, Big hART and the ACF have provided this training for hundreds of professionals working with traumatised children in TAS, ACT, NSW and WA.

Colourathon is an innovative, integrated initiative which allows prevention and frontline services to join hands in responding to this critical issue.



Big hART thanks Colourathon visual artists George Rose, Nadia Hernandez, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Justine McAllister, Lisa LaPointe and Juliette Dudley.

For more information on the Colourathon initiative, contact Project O National Director Genevieve Dugard –




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