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Women’s Business was a women only event held this year at the Wynyard Theatre. The event was a partnership between the Students Against Racism group and Project O. The show included two cat walks and listening to migrant women’s stories from places such as Nepal, Ethiopia and the Philippines.

The Project O team helped with the food which was curry and rice, we set up the room, helped get the word out by putting up posters, giving out fliers and posting on social media all the information for the night. Some of us helped back stage which consisted of pinning and unpinning the women’s costumes, setting them up and making sure everything was running smoothly.

Personally I thought the whole experience was amazing. I got to meet new people and the show was great. I was also a part of the cat walk and I helped backstage. I totally recommend this to every female as the women who were part of the show were so positive and kind. It really makes your appreciate everything you have. This event also makes people understand that hijabs are not something to be scared of and not to assume people wearing them are terrorists. It’s more of a religious thing. During the show they showed us a burqa which some people who were affected by the Taliban were forced to wear.
Isabelle Smith, Production and Performance



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