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The creative conference that Hazel, Janelle and myself attended addressed issues that was around theatre and arts. The morning commenced with a meet and greet of some of the amazing artists from Tasmania and beyond. They provided us insight of what we could bring back to our rural towns. Out of all the participants involved we were the only people from the North-West. We also were informed on how Hobart’s entertainment industries are in a lot of strain and are having to rely upon funding just to get through. We looked at ways to improve; to entice people’s interest in theatre, bigger or more room/buildings for rehearsals, rate of tourism and a state based sector calendar that would enable different art organisation to program their actives.

After joining back up from lunch we divided into small groups and discussed what festivals and tourist attractions that already are funded and have a name for themselves. And then began to dig deeper and look at self-employed artists. To wrap things up we began planning to hold another meeting/conference in the near future. To find out how everyone is going and what we could do to stay connected throughout the time in between. Overall the day was a huge success and very informative.

Laura Johnson



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