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20+20 were approached by Waratah Wynyard Council at the end of 2016 to have a say in the Council’s National Youth Week celebrations for 2017. Our new Year 9 group decided to do a version of Mess Fest – an event originally designed by our 2016 Project O team.

Mess Fest #2 featured the Eat It Or Wear event, as well as painting a large mural next to the canteen featuring one of the designs from the 2016 Project O event Colourathon. We planned all aspects of how the Eat It Or Wear event would happen, including 2 MCs to run the stage. Others in the group focused on producing the mural which happened over the course of National Youth Week and included training in filming.

This our group’s first public event and we dug it! Eat It Or Wear proved to be one of the most popular events of the day (with stuff competition from the giant slide), and the development of the Colourathon mural acts as a permanent homage to the overall program within the school. An ABC Drive radio journalist came and covered the event with 5 of the young women being interviewed for the segment which went to air that afternoon. Check it here:

NYW Mural



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