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Upon My Visit to Gasthorpe

I love to hear stories about how things came to be, to jump into my time machine, and experience what life was like before I was brought into this breathtaking world. Turning up the long driveway, I tried to envisage what everything would look like. Around the corner I saw the family, each one walking from different places towards the front of a big oak tree, everyone dressed in a cheerful smile.

The tree stood out, surrounded by working sheds. I have since wondered about the woman sweeping up acorns, and Ozzie’s dad sneaking a few into his pocket, before planting them in the ground here.  What life this majestic oak has seen and what beautiful tales it holds. Four generations sit together now, laughing and telling stories, reminding me of when I was a child, my joy flooding back of family, together, all in one place.

I feel close to Ozzie, as if I’m in the roofless part of his farmhouse getting wet in the rain during renovations.  I can see an enemy sub across the paddock, how strange to see, and how many places have you been?  You make me excited for my future!

I am passionate about hearing stories from those older than me and I like that everyone has their own way of telling a story.  Ozzie loves a good re-enactment where the silverside’s a bit gristly still.

Author: Georgia Stonehouse
Written as part of the Acoustic Life of Sheds 2017



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