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On Wednesday 14th JJ, myself, Janelle, Laura and Shelli drove down to Hobart for the screening of the Pussy Riot film. It was held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel and started at 7:30. The film was about a group of Russian feminists who went around Russia performing punk songs about Vladimir Putin and how their politics were unfair to women. At the end of the film there was a Q&A where we could ask them anything we wanted.

The next morning, Janelle and Laura went to a creative conference and myself, JJ and Shelli went to MONA for the day. We caught our first uber to MONA and back. This year there was the Museum Of Everything, there were heaps of different art styles and many unusual things. We also finally went and saw the “The Great Wall Of Vaginas‘” which was also very very confronting for us. We noticed that they were all unique in their own way and found out they were made out of plaster and belonged to actual people.

JJ & Lauren 15/06/2017



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