Project O drives change in rural communities affected by family violence

Project O

Through this project young women develop new skills and learn how to create change in their community.

It helps prevent family violence by shifting the culture in communities that the Commonwealth Government designates as family violence hotspots.

Project O is designed by Big hART, an organisation recognised for its violence prevention projects, and the recipient of 8 COAG awards.

Project O is currently being piloted in Wynyard, Tasmania.


Big hART

Project O takes an asset approach, building on the strengths of the community, and backing the potential of the young women who live there.

Project O Presents:

Colourathon is a fun and vibrant art-marathon raising funds to assist young children experiencing violence.

This flagship event is organised by the young women of Project O, and brings artists, musicians, families, communities and leaders together to raise awareness and funds for family violence prevention.

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