20+20 is a legacy of Project O.

Witnessing or experiencing family violence is an inhibitor to fulfilling your potential and finding employment. However, communities are never static. They are always changing, and positive change has to start somewhere.

Each year for the next five years, 20 young women in the community of Wynyard will be mentored to assist them to pursue their aspirations, enhance their abilities and self-entrepreneur their pathways towards employment, in ways that make a positive difference in their community.

That means by the year 2020, one hundred highly skilled, engaged young women will be making a difference, changing attitudes, creating opportunities for others, forging new employment pathways and working for generational change on issues such as family violence in their community.

For more information contact Janelle Johnstone, Producer:      E: janelle@bighart.org     M: +61 (0) 431 901 076

20+20 Project is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Employment through the Empowering Youth Initiatives Program.

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