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From the success of Project O’s Colourathon comes a team-building event that makes a difference.

COLOURATHON for Corporate Partners is a world first team-building event for businesses available in kit form.

COLOURATHON for Corporate Partners Kit:

Developed and delivered by young rural women from Big hART’s Project O  COLOURATHON for Corporate Partners provides a fun and engaging social change event for businesses, which can be tailored and scaled to suit different business needs.

In society’s approach to preventing family violence, the corporate world has an enormous role to play. Family violence is not just a private issue – it impacts the public sphere too – with the significant effect on employees effecting the health and productivity of staff, and more broadly impacting on workplace culture and safety.

Corporate businesses are in a unique position to not only recognise the impact of family violence on the health of their employees and workplaces, but to also positively contribute to awareness raising and prevention, and join in a national, sophisticated response to this complex issue.

What is in the kit:


For more information on how your business can get involved, contact Genevieve Dugard  E:





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